Who We Are

For many years, we have gotten high on solving our customers’ tech challenges. To this day,we continue to love taking on complex customer tech needs, solving them, and then managing and evolving them for your organization on an ongoing basis.

It began when I went independent in the 90’s to become a consummate software developer as well as an overall networking engineer. I had the blessing and the challenge of needing to know it all at my law firm employer in the (then) Sears Tower. That experience duality really served me well in the end.

As an independent contractor developing complex software systems and solutions, I saw challenges for my corporate customers. While doing my work, I saw teams and individuals were sometimes just filling a seat. I knew that my team and I could do better. That is where it started. And we did better for our customers.

At RWK, each of us loves that feeling of accomplishment when our customer says and feels “that’s great,” and “you did it,” and “thanks”.  We live for that “thanks”. Once, our customer said to me, “I told that prospective customer of yours that you have a Superman logo on your chest. Don’t let them down”. That was the greatest compliment he could give us.

We know your tech can be challenging. We know you want to find that company that will serve your organization, “get you” and have your back. We know you have a tough decision to make when choosing a technology partner for your team, your organization, your network, your cybersecurity protection, your custom software, and your cloud services.

We promise to deliver. It will give us a high. And it will give you a high.

We have worked hard to say this in a phrase: we believe in empowering your organization to do better. By working with us, you can know that we will always work hard to do just this.

Jeff Reiter, President, and CEO


Jeff Reiter

Jeff Reiter


Naval Rajpurkar

Naval Rajpurkar


Kelly Paroubek

Kelly Paroubek

Client Success Manager

Denis Williams

Denis Williams

Sr. Infrastructure Architect Consultant

Melanie Tiebel

Melanie Tiebel

Service Delivery Manager

Why We Do What We Do

We believe streamlining technology to work to our advantage, can empower any orga­nization to truly excel at what they do. In the last two decades, humanity has begun largest technological revolution in human history. As technology dramatically changes day to day, RWK works at the pace of innovation to be a pivot point in every organiza­tion that we have partnered with. So that as we innovate in our field, we are empowering the progress of everyone who works with us.

Fast & Guaranteed Response

Friendly & Effective Support

Proactive & Strategic Approach to IT

3 Simple Steps to Better IT

Here's how we'll transform your business technology



We assess your current systems and hear all you have to say about your needs, challenges, and goals.



We provide a strategic road map to bridge your technology and security gaps.


We deploy the perfect blend of IT services and products to empower you to do what you do better.

Don’t wait until your business information or customer data is hacked or sold online. Instead, work with our team to proactively protect valuable information. Call us today to learn more about our Security Services and to tell us more about your business.

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