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Technology Solutions Exclusively for Nonprofit Organizations

If you are a leader in a nonprofit organization, you already know your industry comes with its own unique set of rewards and challenges. Your employee structure and budget already looks different than a for-profit organization, so why should your IT solutions be the same? Nonprofits need extra special attention to their IT services, which makes working with an experienced Managed IT Services provider even more important.

Here are just a few technology solutions nonprofit organizations can consider.

Off-Site IT Support

Nonprofit organizations are already excellent about keeping non-essential staff off their payroll. It is not wise for a nonprofit to have an in-house IT professional. However, you must have someone to call for your IT support needs. This is when Managed IT Services steps in; providers are there around the clock to answer questions and solve problems so that your team is not losing work time or productivity.

Donations and Fundraising Technology

Nonprofits rely on fundraising and grants to pay the bills. It is imperative that you make online donations as user-friendly as possible while still protecting donor information. A Managed IT Services provider can assure your platform and network are running smoothly, are ready to scale as your business grows, and are prepared to protect donor information.

Privacy and Confidentiality

If your nonprofit organization is within the healthcare sector, you are bound by HIPAA. Your IT solutions should follow HIPAA guidelines and protect privacy and confidentiality. Choosing to work with a Managed IT Services provider will allow you to breathe a sigh of relief and be confident your organization is meeting all guidelines and regulations.

Remote Capabilities

If working remotely is an option for any of your team members, it is wise to set up technology that makes that process run as smoothly as possible. A Managed IT Services provider can advise your organization about the best way to scale your remote capabilities while still protecting employee information.

At RWK IT Services, we know the special considerations nonprofit leaders must consider. We would love to partner with you and provide services that will keep your organization running efficiently. Call us today to tell us more about your organization and your goals.

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