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IT Considerations for Remote Employees

When you think about your company’s workforce, are there any team members that work remotely? Or, does your company have certain positions that could work from home (or hotel rooms, or airports) on occasion? If you are like many business executives, the answer is a resounding yes. Remote employees are increasingly common throughout today’s marketplace. In fact, the number of remote work has increased by more than 160% since 2005.

Nearly 4.7 million Americans work remotely, and that statistic was estimated one month before the COVID-19 pandemic sent most people working from home. One thing is certain: savvy business owners and leaders must prepare now for more secure and more efficient ways for team members to work remotely.

IT Considerations for the Remote Workforce

When more people work remotely in an organization, IT services build the foundation for a smooth experience. After all, frustrated employees or employees who cannot access what they need for their role will decrease productivity and can even affect user experience.


The first crucial IT consideration when employees are working remotely is security. Beyond encouraging safe passwords, remote workers need to use two-factor authentication to assure confidential information remains private.

Ease of Access

When multiple employees are working remotely, it can sometimes be difficult to access documents or programs, or access can be slow. Leaders should assure the network is running smoothly and quickly.


One additional consideration for IT services for remote workers is support. Remote employees need quick and easy access to helpful IT support staff who are available around the clock. This is especially important since remote employees could be working throughout different time zones and during different schedules.

Working with a managed IT services provider will help you to avoid common pitfalls and put in the right security measures. At RWK IT Services, our team can provide more than just friendly staff support for your in-office and remote workforce. We also specialize in developing security, network, backup, and other components of a successful platform for remote employees.

Call us to learn more about our services and to tell us about your goals. We know remote working is a hot topic right now, and we have the skills to help you and your team work more efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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