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Connecting with Your IT Provider

When you choose to invest in off-site IT services and management, it can be easy to forget about it. After all, you are busy at your job and as long as your employees are happy and the computers are working, you may forget the organization that is keeping your systems from running so smoothly. At RWK IT Services, we love working hard for each of our clients, making sure their business technology is working as it should. However, we also value the connection with our clients, as it helps us do our job even better.

To foster a better relationship with your managed IT service provider, take a few of our tips in order to give your provider the information they need to make everyone’s job even easier.

Check In Monthly

Even if you haven’t had any major IT problems, take time each month to send a quick note to your managed IT provider representative. Set a recurring reminder on your electronic calendar for this monthly check in, and send an email or make a call to your representative. During that interaction, talk about any problems you have noticed or any articles you may have come across that talk about technology changes in your specific industry. Then, ask if your representative needs any additional information from you or your team that month.

Ask the Expert

If you are hearing about advancements in your industry’s technology, if you have a new technology directive from your company, or if you are wondering how to make things in your office run smoother, talk to your managed IT provider first. They are the expert and can research applications, ideas, and platforms that will make any of your technology transitions easier.

Repeat the Feedback

You want your customers or clients to have a positive experience online with your company. So does your managed IT provider. If you are hearing any feedback – positive or negative – from your customers about their online experience. Your representative will take that information to create a plan to prevent any issues occurring and from happening in the future.

Talk About Your Goals

Your managed IT provider representative should know about your business goals, short and long term. When your representative knows where you want your company to go in the future, they can develop the support plan and corresponding technology to take you there.

Your managed IT provider representative is an important part of your business team, even if sometimes you forget they are there. Be sure to have an ongoing relationship, and continued open communication, with them in order to maximize the benefits of their services.

If you are seeking a managed IT provider who is invested in your company and has the expertise to give you technology that supports your goals, call the team at RWK IT Services. We would love to get to know you and how we could serve you best.

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