Libraries provide invaluable services to their communities and have significant IT demands every day.

What most patrons and IT companies don’t understand is that successful libraries today have a complex technology needs to ensure the highest levels of service, efficiency, security, and profitability.  We understand this.

At RWK IT Services, we have experience with Library technology needs and business processes. We are here to help you understand what technology solution will work best for your library and walk with you from decision making through implementation. We deliver solutions to complex IT environments of today’s public libraries.

Working with Libraries, we understand your unique need to provide resources, to educate, to serve your community and to adapt.

We can provide your library with:
  • IT service, fully managed or on-demand
  • Cloud services
  • Off-site data backup
  • ILS (integrated library management system) implementation
  • Server, data room or facilities buildout or expansion
  • Staff augmentation
  • Security services:
    • Defense in depth
    • wiFi networks or endpoint security
    • Internet content filtering
  • Patron PC management and security
  • Wireless networking, multiple networks: Adult, Young Adult, Youth
  • Integration to 3rd party systems, Database services
  • Integration services to Library System ILS networks
  • Bookmobile automation
  • Learning management systems, for core competency training of staff and patrons
  • Patron services: public speaking on current events: Security for example
  • Recycling programs that serve you and your patrons

Relationships, Relationships

We pride ourselves on creating relationships that work for you. We are able to work on everything from small projects to complete solutions. The key is discovering what you need and creating a plan that will give you the highest level of service and efficiency.

How does RWK IT Services compare to having your own in-house IT personnel? It makes your job easy.  With RWK you instantly have access to twenty plus years of experience and a full team of experts. You will gain an advocate with knowledge and your best interests in mind. Your success is our success. Beyond all of this, we can work within your budget and give your library the best value for its money.

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