We Understand, Know, Learn.

We understand that the most effective schools work efficiently and provide meaningful services in a comprehensive manner. We would like to join in your mission as a technology partner that offers a base of knowledge to draw from and a full set of services to meet your needs all with a budget friendly bottom line.

Schools provide invaluable services to their communities. What most parents and students don’t understand is that successful schools today need to have a complex technology environment to ensure the highest levels of service, efficiency, security, and profitability.

RWK IT Services has experience with School IT needs and business processes. We are here to help you understand what technology solution will work best for your school and walk with you from decision making through implementation.

We understand your unique needs:
Educate, Serve, Mentor and Protect.

Our wide range of services are especially suited to Elementary, Middle and High Schools:

  • IT service, fully managed or on-demand
  • Cloud services
  • Off-site data backup
  • Learning systems such as Powerschool, Successmaker
  • Server, data room or facilities buildout or expansion
  • Staff augmentation
  • Security service – Defense in depth, wiFi networks or endpoint security, Internet content filtering
  • Student PC and tablet management and security
  • WiFi solutions: Audits, Implementation, Customization, Adaptation for Large User Audiences
  • Integration with 3rd party systems, and Internet based systems
  • Learning management systems, for core competency training of staff and patrons
  • Parent-Teacher services: public speaking on current events such as Security In School and At Home

Relationships, Relationships

We pride ourselves on creating relationships that work for you. We are able to work on everything from small projects to complete solutions. The key is discovering what you need and creating a plan that will give you the highest level of service and efficiency.

How does RWK IT Services compare to having your own in-house IT personnel? It makes your job easy.  With RWK you instantly have access to twenty plus years of experience and a full team of experts. You will gain an advocate with knowledge and your best interests in mind. Your success is our success. Beyond all of this, we can work within your budget and give your school the best value for its money.

RWK IT Services isn’t just a company you hire to take care of your IT “stuff”.

We aim to be one of your best resources. When elementary, middle or high schools work with RWK they are impressed with our honest approach at the best ways to improve and utilize technology to serve the people that mean the most to you. We don’t just want to create a solution; we want to create your solution.

Do you have data that you’ve collected, but you simply don’t have the manpower or expertise to compile and utilize it? RWK IT Services can help. We have database management experts who will gladly help you create data sets that will improve your level of service and possibly even work toward increased funding by showing off your amazing results.

Take advantage of our high quality servers and services that will keep your organization up and running so that you can continue to focus on your mission and better the world around you.

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