RWK has the IT solutions for Small-Medium Enterprise Businesses.

How many hours a week could you add to the productivity schedule for you and your team by outsourcing your IT department to a competent, reliable, cost effective, and responsive IT expert?

RWK IT Services is your complete source for IT solutions for Small-Medium Enterprise businesses. For either small businesses or Fortune 100 businesses, we are help you with projects of any size, leveraging our specific skill sets and drawing on our years of experience and expertise.

Our services include:

  • IT Outsourcing Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Hosted Internet Services
  • Application Development
  • Strategic Planning and CIO Leadership
  • Staff Augmentation

Take advantage of the deep Large Enterprise IT experience of our team, combined with the nimbleness of a boutique IT Consulting firm. We are process and methodology driven with an aim on quality, consistency and creative leadership and solutions. High quality strategic planning services that will keep your company up and running without downtime due to tech issues that you don’t understand, combined with blending of traditional technologies and current cloud technologies, guarantees you the right solution for your organization. RWK IT Services is here to help you meet your company regulations, improve operations, and thrive in the global marketplace by providing personal attention to detail and years of expertise.

When you hire RWK IT Services, you hire an experience-led boutique IT Consulting company. Our highly capable, friendly staff is ready to make your company excel technologically. It’s our goal to help you understand exactly what you need. We don’t want to over sell you on technology you won’t use. Instead, we want to give you the best options for the highest return on investment. And provide state-of-the industry answers to your technology needs

Our goal is to create a trusting relationship with your company that will benefit you and pave the way for future growth and development. We want to work with you to plan, implement, succeed with, and maintain your technology solution.

When you delegate your IT department to RWK IT Services, you free yourself to focus and succeed on what you do best.

To find out how you can have an entire IT department of the highest quality at your fingertips, contact us today.

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  • Two words that describe RWK Design: Timely, Competent.

    Jack Devine
    Principal, L&W Power Corporation
  • Several years ago we made a decision to re-engineer our technology platform for several reasons: desire to scale our Talent Management business (Executive Search, Outplacement & Leadership Development); increase the speed and accuracy of information to clients, staff and candidates; enhance the reliability and security; streamline the process; and, reduce the operating costs of managing our technology.  We were introduced to three IT consulting firms to help us achieve this goal.  We selected RWK IT Services and couldn’t be more pleased with their performance.  They were aligned with our goals, had plenty of experience with services firms, and spent the time up front to understand our specific needs before making recommendations.  They continue as our IT department with timely, cost effective services and have become an integral part of insuring the high quality of service we provide our clients.

    Rick George
    Managing Partner, Kensington International
  • When we decided to expand our business and move into new space, we reached out to a highly successful CIO who strongly recommended Jeff Reiter and RWK IT Services.  While we’ve had inconsistent service in the past, Mr. Reiter and his associates have been a breath of fresh air.  Their thoughtful and straightforward approach allowed us to easily understand the issues and costs associated with our needs.  Knowing RWK IT Services are engaged allows us to focus on our business, and we have complete confidence in their capabilities.  It’s hard to find honest and trustworthy partners, and we’ve been fortunate to find Mr. Reiter and RWK IT Services.

    J. Robert Tillman
    President & CEO
  • Working with the RWK IT Services was always a big pleasure for me. I can certainly recommend RWK as a business partner to any programming and network oriented specialists.

    Pawel Traczynski
    Position, Company

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