IT Ops, Strategic Consulting, App Dev, Hosted Services and Cloud Solutions

As you search our solutions list below, you will see that we provide a well rounded solution offering of professional IT services to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) market. Organizations of any size engage us for project-specific work.

The synergy of our IT Operational service -keeping the lights on and moving technology forward, along with our Application Development service -creating solutions where there were none, combined with Hosted and Cloud solutions -reducing costs and innovating for business, gives you a focused team with broad based experience and capabilities.


Cloud Solutions

Ignoring the cloud is futile. Managing it the right way has rewards for your organization. Our cloud services can integrate your on-premise IT. Our RWK-V cloud solutions enable teams to succeed, while providing cost savings and reliable service.

  • Cloud Servers, for business-specific needs

  • Cloud Networks, connecting on-prem with cloud

  • Cost control, value

  • Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

  • Team Collaboration (Remote Desktop or Collaborative environments like Sharepoint)

  • Integration of On-Premise Networks with Cloud Solutions

  • Rapid and Flexible Scalability

  • Vertical Market Software Operations

  • Private Cloud Distributed Data for Redundancy and Business Continuity

  • Warm Disaster Recovery Network & Systems Environment

  • Hot/Failover Disaster Recovery Network & Systems Environment

  • Integration of On-Premise and Cloud for single sign-on

Managed IT Service

Customize, outsource and plan for seamless management of your IT assets. With you, we will structure, predict, and enable you to enjoy solid, continuous operations of your technology.


  • Fully Managed IT; One Monthly Price for All IT

  • Server-only Management; One Monthly Price for Key Assets

  • Monitoring, Inventory Management and Reporting

  • Defense in Depth Practice

  • Automated Data Backup; On-Premise and Off-Site

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Virtual CIO Services

  • Strategic Consulting and Planning

  • Creative Mixing of On-Premise and Cloud Solutions

  • Microsoft or Apple Technologies

  • A Team Who Responds

  • Renewals Management for Critical Services

  • IT Governance

  • Patience with you User Community

IT Consulting, On-Demand Service

Choose from a the following core competencies, when you need them. Mix them with some Managed IT services to suit your unique needs. We are here when you need us.


  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Computer Helpdesk Service

  • Someone Who is Responsive to Your Needs

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Strategic Consulting and Planning

  • Office Relocation and Build Out

  • Data Center Service, Build-out, Relocation

  • Microsoft and Apple Technologies

  • Network Engineering

  • Mobile Office Solutions

  • Business Continuity

  • WiFi Networking Solutions

  • Enabling Highly Availability Systems, no single point of failure

  • Security Services, Defense in Depth

  • Network Audits, Evaluations

Application Development

Our practice expertise includes project management and full lifecycle handling of:

  • Business Intelligence (BI), reducing complex and repetitive analysis to simple to use tools

  • MS SharePoint Collaboration Solutions

  • Meditech Customization, Reporting, Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • SQL Cube and Dashboard Data Presentation


  • Microsoft .NET

  • SQL, Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle and others

  • Open Source, PHP, Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress, Drupal

IT Governance

Providing you with on-going focus to meet your organization’s strategic objectives and to better manage the performance of those responsible for creating this value in the best interest of all of your stakeholders.

  • Participation in a Seat at the Table with Business Stakeholders

  • Alignment of IT with Business Strategy, Operations, Change, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Capabilities

  • Audits of Operational Health, Security, Specific Technology Environments

  • Innovative Oversight for Blending New Technologies with Legacy IT Needs

Hosted Internet Solutions

The latest technologies provided at affordable costs, enabling access to applications from any device. Additional services for IT systems and Departments that need affordable solutions managed by someone else.

  • Hosted Websites, Windows or Open Source / CMS

  • Shared Email Hosting, POP/IMAP, Exchange, Office 365

  • DNS Management

  • Email Security Service (anti-virus / anti-spam Filtering for Corporate or O365 Email)

  • Email Encryption Service with automatiion for requirements such as HIPAA

  • Email List Serve Mailing List Service

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